I made this website to be the directory for all things related to myself. As a terminally online youngster, I always wanted to have a consolidated, personalized online presence, but I was brought up post-MySpace and Geocities, so by the time I learned HTML in 5th grade, I was just making websites for myself.
  I attempted to achieve this through YouTube channcels and Tumblr-esque fandom accounts in middle school, which ended up being pretty cringe. I stayed off the internet for a while after that, which was no better, because not having an online presence means you have to be in the real world a lot, which I'm not horrible at, but I'm bad with consistency. I tried to do Instagram after that, which also ended up being cringe. Recently, my game has just been posting pictures of myself on Instagram and focusing on my bag, which has worked better for me, but I have wanted somewhere to create for a long time, and I haven't been able to do this.
  I saw somebody on Instagram comment on somebody else's post about the lack of choice on social media that they were moving over to Neocities, a reboot of Geocities that offers free web domains and HTML templates, and I was instantly on board. As I mentioned earlier, I have a strong HTML background, as my first programming language, and it started me on the very long road of computer science, so I jumped at an opportunity to be able to actually host a website.

  TL;DR: I've always felt limited by social media, so now THIS is my social media! It's so much more fun than Instagram! If you feel like you want to start a website, you should! Neocities makes it so easy, and computer science's best-kept secret is that if you don't know how to program, but you're confident using Google, then you actually do know how to program. None of us know how to program at all, we're just really good at Googling things.


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