with singles and deep cuts



this was like the first industrial album i ever listened to. i liked the poppier stuff to begin with but over time it's become a no-skip, there isn't a moment on this album where there isn't some section of the song that almost forces you to pay attention to it - the grinding sound on Whole Foods comes to mind (sooooo damn cool), and the travis scott sample on Williamsburg KILLS me every time. been my favorite album on/off for like three years now.
overall wonderful record, coarse, yet sooo clean. if you like industrial bass and the likes, this album is for you

LISTEN RIGHT NOW: 1539 N Calvert (essential); Panic Emoji (atmospheric AF); Thug Tears

IF YOU LIKE THOSE: Baby I'm Bleeding; Whole Foods (GRRRRRRRRRRR); Germs (wtf is that sample)



this album feels like you're listening to a 9/10 jazz album and then there's a guy in a mask shaking you by your shoulders and beating the piss out of you. it's like a gangsta grillz tape except instead of a rapper it's the ghost of John Coltrane and instead of DJ Drama it's actually a supervillain.
i hate music reviews that are just self-referential, non-sequiturs describing the album, but i've loved this album for too long to provide any meaningful discourse on it. this record is a touchstone - it's nearly every rapper's favorite rap album, with no choruses, hooks, or refrains. it's just verses on verses, and there isn't one that's skippable.
listen to the 808s (they're secretly the best 808s you've ever heard), the lyrics (absolute blueprint), and the percussion (hard not to)

LISTEN RIGHT NOW: Raid; Bistro (smooooooth); Great Day; Money Folder

IF YOU LIKE THOSE: Rhinestone Cowboy; Fancy Clown; Strange Ways (quote on Home is from this)

KicK iii


SOOOO goood..... trans girls always win
i haven't heard an electronic-adjacent album since Veteran that I liked as much/more than Veteran. KicK iii is so goddamn good, i legitimately wish it were like two hours long. I would still listen to it all day long; this is my absolute default listen rn.
if you like ANGRY electronic give this a listen!

LISTEN RIGHT NOW: Senorita (violent); Ripples; Rubberneck (very cool synth stabs); Joya

IF YOU LIKE THOSE: Incendio; Morbo (honestly maybe my fave); Electra Rex; Bruja (strangely perfect, EASILY my fave Arca opener)