finished first listen a bit ago and its very, very good. pulls the drill out on you when you least expect it. shygirl feature awesome.
i'll come back later with specific tracks and such, for now check out darjeeling - rly damn good
UPDATE: whole thing's fire; listen to meta angel, honda, oh my love, pamplemousse, papi bones, jealousy, minds of men, and darjeeling (and the whole rest of it but those are my faves)



it's like.. trance revival? almost? all the mcboing tracks are INCREDIBLE, the djmayhem tracks are raw as HELL, and the djdanny and djocean tracks are really solid. definitely worth checking out; very rewarding too - i came for the boing, stayed for the mayhem, and the danny and ocean tracks are growing on me fast.

KicK iii (my favorite kick rn)

KICK i-iiiii - ARCA

ii-iiiii were released early December, and i've had all of them on repeat since. infinitely worth listening to. arca is quickly becoming one of my like top 3 artists. KicK iii is my favorite one - she described it as the most "incendiary" kick, which means it's the most like.. "punchy electronic," i'll call it. i've always loved punch electronic shit, sophie is the goat of that, and that's why i liked jpegmafia veteran so much when it came out
more info on KicK iii under MORE...



my absolute favorite rapper right now (aside from the supervillain always) is SHYGIRL - really really good industrial. bassy as hell, lyrical as hell. ALIAS is my favorite EP in recent history, and her verse on Arca's Watch (kick i) is unrivaled


this wonderful christmas season compels me to suggest DOOM's 2009 album BORN LIKE THIS. it's very strange but it has some mindblowing production.
most accessible songs are GAZILLION EAR and LIGHTWORKS, with production from J. Dilla; the hardest bars are prob on RAP AMBUSH and CELLZ (pt 1 is weird poetry but it transitions very well into pt 2 which is bars)
all my favorite cuts are right at the top of the VILLAINOUS playlist below! honestly forgot about ABSOLUTELY until i just went and looked at it, awesome production from Madlib and great lines from the villain
UPDATE: i was planning on having changed this blurb to a different DOOM album by now (Jan 10), but i honestly have still had BORN LIKE THIS on straight repeat. I would now like to add ANGELZ, a bomber track about bitches featuring Wu Tang's Ghostface Killah to the list. What a killer song; I completely forgot about it but it's probably one of my favorite tracks off this record



Lou's electronic selects (i update this one regularly, and it already has more than this widget will show, so follow the playlist if you like bassy electronic :))


DOOM's most villainous cuts (as designated by me)


nothin rn but i got a new midi controller for christmas so i'll probably be cookin once i get back up north