I read a lot of articles and other webpages, and I save the ones that I really like here!

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general cool stuff


  • 5 Ways to Approach Deleuze through David Byrne - Cool article about the Deleuzian undertones of David Byrne's work! It has a clickbait-y title, but honestly has pretty good elevator pitches for a lot of somewhat confusing Deleuze/Guattari concepts.
  • Talking Heads and the Path to an Autistic Erotics - Cool article about the relationship between autism and love, grounded by references to the Talking Heads! If you can't tell, I really like the talking heads.
  • The Guantanamo Suicides - Unrefutable evidence in the United States Department of Justice, CIA, and FBI's involvement in 3 homicides in Guantanamo Bay!
  • What Spotify data show about the decline of English - Pretty good article, with some of the best infographics I've ever seen! At the bottom of the page, there's a chart of weekly Spotify streaming stats by country since 2017, which has a LOT of interesting data points in it, just waiting to be hovered over! My favorite few tidbits are that the Despacito Remix with Justin Bieber was barely streamed in any Spanish-speaking countries, instead favoring the original, and that Astronaut in the Ocean was #1 in Saudi Arabia for almost six months. Those poor souls.

academic articles!

programming resources

  • LibGDX - A code-based Java game engine! Very fun for learning; LouRTS is made in LibGDX
  • - A code-based Rust game engine! Also very fun for learning; Maquinitas is made in Macroquad.

music resources

  • r/DrumKits - inb4 lol reddit theres some nice sample packs on here; , pretty generic sounds but interesting sounds are just generic sounds but different
  • LEARN ORCΛ - very, very cool midi-sequencing esoteric programming language. i can barely even use it, but used to its full potential, it's an infinite set of midi pads

nature resources

  • Cold Hardy Bamboo - sort of my own reference, i want to grow bamboo in Mich lol (use this resource wisely, don't plant a running variant where you don't want a forest!)